Twitter Fingers…

With today’s sensitive climate and the most recent Kevin Hart debacle I felt a need to speak on this issue. Here’s the thing, Twitter, in my opinion, isn’t for everybody. I personally am not really big on twitter. I just never seen it for me. I have friends who are hella popular on “black twitter” … More Twitter Fingers…

I’m back!

What’s good readers, any of you still around? Kidding! Thank you all for continuing to follow this blog even after months of hiatus. I promise to be more present and consistent with new content and visuals from here on out. In a previous post I mentioned I would be putting more time into this website, … More I’m back!

Friend Rule Book?

Recently I had a conversation with my best friend Chris who lives in Newark, NJ. Like most of our conversations Chris usually tells me where I am wrong in whatever situation I just currently happen to be a part of. In this most recent event I explained to him how I felt some type of … More Friend Rule Book?

Racism in 2017

I remember when I was about 10 or 11 and my God parents (a white lesbian couple believe it or not) were about to take me on a trip to backwoods North Carolina for a family wedding. My grand-mom sat me down and talked to me about racism. It’s crazy because all I kept thinking … More Racism in 2017