Why Are we so influenced by “Influencers”?

I thought long and hard about this post before deciding to go for it. My reservation is this, people consider me an influencer on sneakers and food here in La. It was never really a “thing” for me so to speak but I just happen to really love both and post a lot about them on my social media. I never want to be looked at as something or someone that I’m not but I guess in the scheme of things it is what it is and I should own it.

With that being said, why are we so easily influenced? We are pulled into causes, trends, debates and political issues sometimes simply based on one or more persons opinions of that. Did we forget that we all have opinions and not one person is the same? Or are we the same? Recently there was a story in the media about Jussie Smollet. Before hearing the whole story I sided with him because I’m a fan and also because I’m a young black gay man. So instantly Jussie became my “influencer”.

I knew that whatever the outcome I had to ride for his cause and support it because it meant a lot to me. Weeks go by and the story really starts to unravel. Now I’m reading that he may have made up a majority of it and or there’s something else to the story that places him as a suspect. Now I’m influenced by the media’s take on his story and now just that easy, I’m against him.

Not that this is a Jussey Smollet post because it isn’t, this is just an example of how easily swayed we can be simply based on the influence of something or someone based on their level of platform. I like to think I’m a pretty good judge of character and that I’m a strong free thinker but am I? Are we?

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