Twitter Fingers…

With today’s sensitive climate and the most recent Kevin Hart debacle I felt a need to speak on this issue. Here’s the thing, Twitter, in my opinion, isn’t for everybody. I personally am not really big on twitter. I just never seen it for me. I have friends who are hella popular on “black twitter” and friends with a crazy following on there as well. I believe to be a human being who is taken seriously and or someone who wants to be valued as a one day celebrity should be careful now for what you say. As we all can see it will definitely come back to haunt you.

My biggest question is, why don’t these celebrities hire a good PR or social media guru to log into their accounts and conduct a serious scrub? Shit if I knew I was slowly heading to the top that’s exactly what I would do. Hell, tweet now about how you apologize for anything that may come up in the future just as a precaution! The truth is human beings are dumb. We are all stupid af, we say how we truly feel when we feel it then we ask for forgiveness once it comes out. Let’s keep in mind when it comes to twitter, these words were typed aka premeditated!

I totally believe that people change and that’s cool, but never forget about the person you once were because for a lot of us those people were ignorant racist sexist assholes who will hold you back if you don’t start erasing that hate from your accounts now! 🤘🏾

4 thoughts on “Twitter Fingers…

  1. Your completely right with this one. We have to take accountability for our words. We were all once naive, immature, or just stupid. While we are responsible for those actions, a genuine apology goes a long way. As long as your present self does not exhibit those same actions, it’s right to be forgiven.

    I also think celebs should have PR reps and social media specialists to work their accounts. We all can do and say dumb stuff if left to our devices.


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