First Impressions..again

So, funny story, there’s this dude I know that hangs in the same circle as myself. We have all the same friends and have been in the same places from time to time. Why is it me and this dude have met literally several times and still find ourselves engaging in first time introductions?

I realize we professional adults (especially over 30) can sometimes come off a little detached from what we consider meaningless interactions or introductions you figure will never go anywhere other than “hey what’s up.” I contribute it to a previous post where I spoke about people caring more about what you do than where you’re from. Why do we remember the people we are attracted to or the people we met in more intimate group settings over the casual intros?

Are we too self consumed with who we are that we just blow off anyone that doesn’t make a memorable impression instantly? When me and the guy spoke this time I said to myself l, I’m not going to be introduced to this dude anymore. I told him how many times I remembered meeting him for the “first time” and how we need to break the cycle. We laughed and he also agreed we’d met a billion times. I think we as adults need to be a little more present and proactive in face to face interactions. We’d be surprised what friendships and networks come out of first impressions.

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