New year… New me?

Yo, so its been a minute and I’ve been busy. Thank you readers for being patient and not going in on me for being so tardy with my posts. The last 4 months have been real and like most of you, 2017 was a shitty ass year for me. With that being said, its a new year and I’m feeling, well, meh. What I can say is I spent almost two weeks in Toronto, Canada for the New Year with a dope group of individuals and it was bomb! I’m a firm believer in when it comes to the way you bring your new year in reflects how the rest of your year will go.

To summarize and I do mean summarize, I graduated with honors in 2017, started off in a relationship with someone I thought I’d be with forever, broke up with said someone, dealt with that bs all summer only to call myself trying to go back to that said someone towards the end of the year. A joke for sure, but hear me out, I’m a sucker for love. The greatest thing about 2017 is I finally realized my worth. When that happens its like you wake up from a life time of nightmares. I’m telling you, if you don’t know how much you’re worth, especially relationship wise, man you got a lot of heartache coming your way.

So about 2018. Trump is still president, I’m still not rich, but I am single and really happy. I’m pretty sure this is the first time in my life where I am at my happiest and single. Those two things (happy and single) would never go together in my life back then but now your boy is all grown up, like for real for real. I took such a long break in posting on the site because my head was all over the place. I owe it to you all (my readers) to be more consistent and come back even harder so that I will do. I don’t know about you but I feel like January was the longest month in EVER! It was like a year in itself.

With this being my first post in months I want to do something a little different. You the readers, tell me what it is you would like me to write about? What haven’t I covered that you need me to break down? Anything you’d like my opinion on? Besides love and relationships because I suck at that lol. JK. No subject will be taboo. Hit the link on this page or email me and let me know.

New visuals coming soon! Birthday coming soon! New content on the way! Thanks for riding with your boy, I won’t leave you hanging again!

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