“Acting your age”

Lately the topic of age and “acting your age” has come up in conversations between my friends and I. LA is a very ageist, “ageismed” society. I’ve witnessed people be discriminated against for jobs or just for sake of conversations just for being too old or too young to someone or to what society sees fit for any given situation. Growing up I remember age being a big deal to me. I told myself when I was a kid that when I hit 30 I would be rich and have this and that. We tell ourselves or try to convince ourselves that we should be at some certain place in our lives at specific ages and thats not actually realistic. If we know this now, why do we still hold ourselves to this standard only to be forced to “act” or be a certain way because we think in our minds that that is the way a 25, 35 or even 40 year old person should act?

I find myself still judging even now. The other night I went to a bar that just so happens to turn into a club after a certain time of night. Sure enough I was dead smack in the middle of the dance floor with a whole bunch of 21 -25 year olds fresh out of their campus dorms for a good night. I looked around and in the cut I noticed a group of older dudes chillin watching all the youngsters. Just in the moment I said to myself, I don’t want to be 40 something in the club. Just like that, I was being ageist! We can’t allow our old school way of thinking place us or anyone else in boxes. Someone in their 40’s would say to me that I should be happy to even make it to their age and I agree.

Working on Abbot Kinney, one of the most swankiest coolest spots I’ve ever had the pleasure of being, I’ve seen some of the freshest, flyest, well dressed, tattooed, stylish men around. These dudes have clearly been well into their 40’s and probably even 50’s, never missing a beat. I admire these types. They have this style and confidence of just owning it that speaks well beyond their looks. I’m realizing its not about age these days, its not about how society expects us to carry ourselves as we age, its about you being you and owning it no matter what age you are. We fail to remember that because we as humans (or at least I) tend to worry and think about how I should act and what I should be doing at my age.

There’s no written law to how a 30, 40, or 50 year old person should dress, act or be…. We should just do us and own it and live in it right?

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