Racism in 2017

I remember when I was about 10 or 11 and my God parents (a white lesbian couple believe it or not) were about to take me on a trip to backwoods North Carolina for a family wedding. My grand-mom sat me down and talked to me about racism. It’s crazy because all I kept thinking about during that talk was how she was exaggerating and no one could hate me because I liked everybody and I was a kid.  It seemed like the most distant concept to me at that time but I listened.

Fast forward to about two years ago in Hollywood, in the back alley behind Hollywood Blvd, in the parking lot held for VIP’s and celebrities for the Jimmy Kimmel Show.  I was interning for a marketing agency and my boss, another intern, a publicist and myself were walking across the street to catch an Uber. A car pulls up behind us speeding and yells, “Hurry up Niggers!” I remember seeing red as soon as I heard that word and picking up the first thing I could find (a rock) and tossing it at the car and just missing it. The thought of someone calling me that and getting away with it dead smack in the middle of Hollywood on a Friday afternoon enraged the kid to be honest.  Not since a brief stint in a bougie ass High school out in the county back home did I come across racism like that and I swore then that I was going to handle that shit whenever someone brought it to my door.

It wasn’t so much that the person was probably a racist or that they sped past us.  What bothered me was the word “Nigger”. It’s this feeling that comes across you and touches your soul or at least touched mine that made me kirk out.  That day I realized that racism was real and still very much in our face even way out here in diverse as fuck LA. Now today in 2017 at the height of this bullshit assed president and what I do believe are many of his supporters aka the White Supremacists we have to witness the carnage that goes down in Charlottesville, VA.  It’s hard not to stay woke when you can see whats going on there through all the social media platforms, the news and just about every conversation these days.  I’m angry because I don’t see the point in these groups holding large rallies.  I feel like they do it simply to antagonize the sane, peaceful loving equal rights driven Americans.  Like what reason do they have to host these large hate filled national group rallies? Can someone explain that to me? I know we have the freedom of speech and everyone has the right to practice and believe what they want but when it comes to preaching and public teaching of hate I don’t get it.

The other day people were injured and a young girl (Heather Heyer) lost her life because one of those hate filled white supremacists felt the need to plow through the peaceful anti-hate protesters.  How?! Why?! WTF! What’s just as sad is how the media and police have been approaching this. The white supremacists march and protest with torches and tease police officers with silly string in what is described as “peaceful protests”.  Meanwhile the anti-hate, anti- white supremacists protesters are met with force from the police and described as a mob and or hostile. What is wrong with this picture? None of this has or ever will make any sense to me.  In these times I think about that talk I had years ago with my grandmother. She told me, in this world there will be people who hate you for being you, you live in a country with rules not set up in for us. Be you, be aware, be strong and stay smart.  In other words or in a summation that best describes today’s mood, STAY WOKE!

RIP Heather Heyer

Keep on fighting

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