Accepting it.. Do we get back out there or chill?

As we all know, your boy is now single.  Not a whole lot has been going on since the break up honestly.  I’m still a little butt hurt about us not being together and I still go through that “damn I miss this and damn I miss that” about my baby mood but all in all I’m feeling better.  I’ve made a few changes to my life since the last time I talked about the break up.  No more casual sex! I decided not to have sex anymore with anyone AGAIN until I meet the next person I want to really take serious.  No apps, no tinder, no letting anyone slide into my DM’s with the slick talk.  For me, removing myself from any situation that could lead to sex is better for me to focus on what’s most important in my life right now, ME! Your boy is back in the gym hard and heavy! You won’t catch any new body pics on IG because that’s just thirst trapping and I ain’t trying to attract anyone on a sexual tip, but just know I’m getting this shit tight and better than ever.

I read something the other day that mentioned every time you have sex with someone you are sharing a piece of your soul with them.  I felt like I heard it before but this time it really hit me.  I don’t think we (young men) truly value the importance of our bodies and our souls.  Not to get all preachy but seriously, does every attractive individual we meet need to get a piece of what we got? Are they even worthy? It’s like saying everyone deserves and should have designer pieces.  You got to work hard for those pieces! You can’t be on your Oprah shit just giving everyone in the audience the good stuff just because they are there.  It shouldn’t work like that.  Why would I give someone who hasn’t put in any work the same thing I’ve given my ex’s (who put in work and time)? Just a thought.

On another note, everyone thinks I should start dating again.  What’s funny is they had me thinking it too for a while.  The truth is, no one knows your ready but you.  I know for a fact I’m not ready and I honestly don’t know if or when I ever will be.  I’ve been on dates and had dope ass times with new people but I still go home alone feeling like blah after the date is over.  The people I meet are great and the times I spend with them are some of the most fun times but what I realize is I’m still not happy.

If you still feel like damage goods do you yourself think its in your best interest to “get back out there?” Would you want to meet someone who isn’t over their ex and you two start dating (knowing this) and then things fall apart? Yeah I asked myself those questions, and its a no from me dog.  So nah, I’m chillin. Now the hard part is learning how to just be alone and not date for a while.  I don’t know why but the shit sounds depressing lol. It’s not though, I just have to put my big boy boxers on and continue focusing this energy on new projects, work, this blog, and my body.

Only you know when you’re ready…


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