Adult Money Struggles (AMS)

As an adult have you ever tried to stretch $20 to hold you through a whole week? Have you ever had to bow out of some plans with friends because you just can’t afford to kick it?  You ever been on a date and you calculated how much money you were able to spend on this date before you sent yourself into the negative all while trying to impress someone? Man listen! These are all things I’ve been through.  When you’re full of as much pride as I am you will go through these struggles secretly and most of your friends and loved ones will never even know.

It’s sad that in your late twenties and early thirties that you have to even live like that.  Let alone being a college graduate or just an accomplished individual but it happens.  You never think as a child that you will grow up and need for anything right? I remember at 10 years old I told my mom I was going to grow up be rich and famous and eat McDonalds every day for the rest of my life.  Hilarious!!! Funny how those dreams change and shift as your grow.  I wouldn’t be caught dead eating McDonalds now and I definitely don’t want to be famous! Having a blog and a social media following of just under 4k is as famous as I want to be.

What sucks is life can be cruel. Things happen.  We don’t always get the jobs we want, the cars we like, the tangible items we feel we deserve.  Some of us are so busy stunting on the gram that we don’t even have a mattress to lay our heads on or even a place to call our own.  Living in LA I can honestly say this is the most expensive city I have ever lived in and I lived a lot of places.  The pay doesn’t always reflect the lifestyle and that holds true for me.  My grandmother would always say “champagne taste with beer money” to me as a kid because I always felt like I need the best but never had the money to own the best.  What we as adults have to remember is how to really live within our means. A lesson I am constantly teaching myself.

There will always be that sneaker I want, that shirt I feel like I need or that concert I just have to be in but for a minute lets think about that bank account and how to improve it.  Let everyone else shine or appear to shine, map out a plan, pull yourself up out of that whole “I hate being broke, this shit sucks” mentality and change things! One thing I’m learning is that one income stream is never enough.  There’s a lot of money out here to get and sometimes you have to get creative, find a new lane, explore them talents you didn’t realize could pay off, link up with that one friend that has been trying to get you in on their new idea for the longest. These things may pay off.  Take chances! AMS only lasts as long as we allow it! Get this money fam!

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