Does race play a role in apartment hunting in LA?

Funny story, so about 3 years ago, my homie and I were looking for a two bedroom apartment in LA. To be more specific, we wanted something above the 10, west of Koreatown and south of Hollywood, so basically Mid-City.  MidCity at that time was the fastest growing area in all of LA.  Houses and apartments everywhere and vacancies as far as the eye could see.  This shouldn’t be a problem for two professional individuals with fairly good credit and no evictions on their records right? Wrong! It literally took us almost three months to solidify a place to live.  We met with countless renters, homeowners and agencies to find places.  Some were scammers, some were elderly people set in their ways (you know what that means) and some were private owners who wanted a specific type of person in their homes (you also know what that means.)

Being that we were both hard working professionals, college educated and well spoken, we could not figure out why people weren’t trying to approve us for a place or even return our calls.  Thats when I knew it wasn’t about our credit history at all.  It clearly had to be a race thing.  Now don’t get me wrong, I hate when people toss in that race card every time something doesn’t go their way but honestly what could have been the reason? We had the money, the credit and the time.  Most people would be all good about renting to us over the phone, then we come and meet them and the tune changes.  You tell me?

Even after finally settling down into an apartment in Mid-City that I love, I now witness my friends go through the same situations.  It should never take a hard working, professional individual with good credit that long to find a place.  I know people with bomb ass jobs here in LA that can’t find a place to live unless it’s in the hood.  Do they (the man) want us to just stay in the hood? Do they think we will fuck their property up or something? Why are so many blacks in LA forced to live in the hood or wayyyyyyy out in the valley? This is something we should pay close attention to.  Too many private owners with private agendas….

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