Why do we go so hard in the DM’s…

We’re living in a digital age man, so much so that people don’t spit or kick any type of game anymore.  Case in point, as kids we would write notes and ask girls, will you be my girlfriend, yes or no? As teens well into adulthood you would step to a girl (or guy) and shoot your shot.  You had confidence or some form of courage gathered up from somewhere to get you that far.  If you were anything like me then, I would do a little investigating and find out who you knew and use them as the middle man to hook us up. I was low-key shy then and being short provided me with a few insecurities.

In today’s world I feel like we have taken insecurities to another level.  You ever see someone out and about and say damn they fine yet you are too scared to say something? So you find out what that person’s name is and hit them up on IG or Facebook? If you have than you are a big part of the problem here.  We as a people, as human beings have to get our balls back! Seriously man, its a little pathetic to be honest.  Now if you are just cruising the internet and you see a cute profile and you roll up in their dm’s that way, that too can be a problem.  There will come a point to which you will have to meet them and indulge them in some conversation.  Will you have what it takes to hold their attention? Hell in this social media climate can you even formulate the words to begin that conversation without needing to text it?

We are losing touch with one of human being’s most precious gifts man, the gift of verbal communication.  I once, literally began dating someone off of just texting and dm’ing alone.  We had been in a full on relationship after what started out as weeks of texting.  One day I literally woke up and thought to myself, damn we don’t even like each other like that.  It was awkward for us to sit in silence together because we didn’t know how to.  We couldn’t even hold conversations because we had nothing in common and this person was a horrible conversationalist.

We have to do better, not as a culture, not as a nation but as human beings.  My next interaction, wether I meet a new friend, new love interest, or just random acquaintance better be ready for this conversation and human interaction! #RealTalk

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