Culture Vultures, why they are taking all the fun out of the Streetwear Culture

It’s no secret that I’m really into street wear and sneakers (more specifically), when I see these “Culture Vultures” all around LA @ every sneaker release, collab launch and pop up shop it pisses me off.  For those of you who don’t know, a Culture Vulture is someone who jumps on every new “thing” popping, just to buy that “thing” at retail value just to resale it at some dumb outrageous price.  These people are like Hypebeasts when it comes to showing up at every event, knowing when everything is dropping and have the knowledge on just about all things new.  The difference between them and the Hypebeasts is they have no intentions on really keeping a majority of the items they buy. They just want to make the profit and or want to be known as “the plug”.  I think its a notoriety thing and may have a lot to do with just wanting to be “the guy” or in some instances “the girl” with the hook up.  You see them everywhere, they are usually the same people in the front of most launch lines, in stores asking questions about how many pair of an item they are aloud to buy and so on.  At the end of the day, its just a hustle for them and I can’t knock someone trying to make money, I just don’t like when people like myself who wear the brands, love sneakers and pay attention to releases get the shaft because these folks want to make some extra doe! In my opinion they could possible be the downfall of this culture….Lets pray I’m wrong

2 thoughts on “Culture Vultures, why they are taking all the fun out of the Streetwear Culture

  1. A Culture vulture is someone who profits from someone’s culture but was never apart or even interested in it. A vulture hovers over something finding some part they can “eat” in this case aspects of someone’s culture or lifestyle.

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  2. Oh yeah, very familiar with the definition. In this case they are those who really could care less about the sneaker head culture but profit from it by buying and reselling or even rocking what they buy just because they can. Never really caring about the real sneaker heads. Just trying to come up and suck up the culture. Thanks for sharing and reading! 🤘🏾


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