Coachella, and how I almost died on Day 1


Coachella 2017 was many many things! Bruh, I almost died! Before I get into that let me just say that I had an awesome time.  It was definitely an experience.  Next time I think I will do the VIP thing though.  What was weird to me is that this year, for the first time to my knowledge week 1 was way more lit than week 2.  I don’t get that? Highlights for me, Kendrick Lamar of course! He gave an awesome set, at one point in his performance he rapped on stage while batting a ninja who was carrying a sword, it was like his bars were going in on the ninja, it was so dope! Kaytranada was an awesome smooth performance as well.  He played all my favorites and even had the crowd bopping (those who were too cute to dance swayed from side to side). I was upset I missed Kehlani perform but I seen her a few times so I was ok with it.  Day one, though we got there hella late (mainly my fault) we were able to catch Capital Cities performance.  I didn’t realize this is the group responsible for that huge commercial song a few years back called “Safe and Sound”.  They were dope! Majid Jordan was also a highlight!


Now the part where I died a little bit… So we were in such a rush to get to Coachella that I didn’t really eat anything prior to arriving there.  I had a meal from Popeye’s that day and that was pretty much all I had. Than I decided it would be a good idea to turn up asap enroute to Coachella so what do I do, pop a few edibles and guzzle two four loco’s. Yeah because my inner self has no adult manning the ship right? Fast forward to actually arriving @ the event, who knew there would be about a two mile walk to get in to the event than a battle through the crowds to catch the performances.  Did I mention it was about 90 degrees @ night and I hadn’t had any water since that morning.  It’s like I was asking to die or something.  First night we didn’t get 21 and up wristbands so because we didn’t we weren’t able to buy water from the bar stands near the concert stages so we would have to lose our places in the crowds in order to get water (which I wasn’t down with).  With all this going down, I could feel my body wanting to give up lol.  I was so down for the party but my body was shutting down, one section @ a time.  Long story short, my wingmen helped me back to our suite where I pulled myself together and prepped for day 2 and 3.  All in all great experience and lessons learned! Get your weight up before you make that move next year!

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