Things I need to happen at Coachella

  1. Kendrick needs to give me my life, his life and at least the lives of a small third word country because I need it! I want everyone to leave that performancescreaming “Black Power!”  IMG_8640
  2. By pass Lady Gaga, unless I’m rolling and the laser show and theatrics were created by God himself.
  3. Be front row for the Avalances, Schoolboy Q, Kehlani, Kaytranada and Majid Jordan! No arguments!
  4. Sneak back stage for the return of the Gorillas and find out what the fuck they really look like without being arrested. IMG_8639
  5. Invoke my most ratchet inner self in preparation for Gucci-Mane. I wonder if he will get mad if I throw a lemon on stage? Gucci!
  6. Cut up a whole bunch of t-shirts that I will one day regret for that Kid Cudi Crop top effect Coachella circa 2015. IMG_8456
  7. Make sure I am in full supply of the party favors
  8. Leave stressors behind because if you don’t, and those party favors kick in you may be in a depressed state for a cool 12 hours lol. I’m just saying.
  9. Oh and BTW, Gorillaz are replacing Lady Gaga! (You wish! It was a cruel April Fools joke) she’ll still be there and she’ll still be lame. 
  10. Work on trying not to die!

2 thoughts on “Things I need to happen at Coachella

  1. Omg!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ u are crazy and I truly live for a performance from Mr. Black Pride himself (Kendrick). Coachella is an expiwe should all share at least once. All the performers are awesome and that tank is life😏

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