Ballin on a budget: Snearkerhead issues

Ok now this one is for those who find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. The rock being your funds @ any given time, the hard place being life and those new kicks you just have to have.  If you keep a large grip of cash @ all times and you never contemplate dipping into your savings account (that’s if you have one) for sneaker money than this post is not for you.  This is for those budget ballers, penny scrappers and  recessionistas out there trying to maintain their level of “fly” whilst barely holding on with a part time job and or crazy bills.

FullSizeRender.jpg 2

We all like to think we are great with our money right? Yeah, we all do until your rent is due, Hulu, Netflix and your phone carrier all want a piece of your check and you got your car note and insurance just around the corner.  Scary right? Man listen, you can do the LA hustle (working two and three jobs @ one time) all day long just to keep your head above water but thats not living.  Living is when you have a little disposable income and them new Adidas/Pharrell colab Human Race NMD’s drop.  Or you finally got the plug on a pair of Yeezy’s and you just can’t say no.  That’s a cool $250 out your pocket easy bro! What do we do? This is that desperate time when you think about who owes you money, what bills can wait, what’s mom up to, and when does bae get paid.  It’s real out here and if you’re anything like me, its usually a champagne taste with beer money type of lifestyle.


I don’t buy sneakers to impress people honestly.  I buy them because I want them and they look damn good on my feet.  I think thats a major difference between sneakerheads and hypebeasts.  The drive is real for both parties but for us sneakerheads we just want it because we love the kick.  If I was a hype beast (ilk) I’d probably never find myself in this situation but because I’m not this issue has become an addiction of sorts.  Like most issues it can be traced back to my childhood.  As a kid my mom would do what she could to see that we looked good for school, this meant buying us the newest sneakers out every season.  One year my mom lost her job and for a short period of time couldn’t supply me with that heat.  I remember the Jordan’s were the shit @ the time and she bought me these things called “X-J900’s.” Yeah man, fake J’s from Payless.  Lets just say I took a lot of heat that year.  That experience birthed this sneaker addicted blogger you see today.  I’m not making up any excuses for it, instead of being in denial I figured I would embrace this issue and find a second job just to support this unhealthy habit lol.  That way, I won’t be on any budget, I will just be ballin….. well with limited emphasis on the word lol, the bills still need to be paid lol.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the XJ900’s 😦


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