Social Media & Breakups

When you’re the investigative, hyper-intuitive type and you just so happen to be going through something, say a breakup; social media is probably not the place for you.  Case in point, you and you’re loved one recently separated, you both have a pretty decent amount of friends/fans on social media, you notice via Instagram and it’s new updates that certain “fans” are liking way too many of your ex’s pics.  Now what do you do? Because you’re still involve and you both have yet to fully call it quits or you’re petty. You investigate because you realize this “fan” is someone you personally know and to your knowledge your man/woman doesn’t (or so you thought).


The problem here is, social media tells all.  There is always receipts left behind when someone is being messy and or sneaky.  Someone always wants something someone else has, its just the nature of life.  They (people on social media) will praise your relationships (if you’ve ever made it public) but the minute the two of you have parted ways the vultures will pounce and pretend as if they never knew your ex-partner or they pose as “a friend to lean on”.


Your healing process begins and ends with you and the person you were involved with.  Any individual that tries to penetrate (no pun intended lol) that bond between you two will only worsen the situation and could end up hurt.  New people come into our lives everyday, its what their true intentions are with you that could hurt or hinder your healing process.  When people see you going through life’s ills is when they attack because thats when you are most vulnerable.  Open yourself to friends in a time of break up, not fans who praise every “flirty” pic you have posted on social media.  Beware of the posers, ones who say they are here when you need them when they just happened to show up during this time. Social media is the last place you really want to air out your feelings.

Remember, they’re watching….


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