New Music Mondays: Introducing, Lyric Wright

Hailing from Decatur, GA, now residing in Los Angeles, Amber Granderson BKA Lyric Wright is making the industry know her name one hit at a time.  Living in LA less than one year Lyric has already penned songs for everybody from Justin Beiber, Rodney Jerkins, to BabyFace and Tank with a debut album of her own set to hit the streets this summer.  Lyric’s sound is a smooth blend of old school R&B, 90’s era hip hop, soul and with a smooth smoky yet jazzy voice.  At a recent private event, when party goers were asked to describe this young crooner, they simply said, “she’s got this Lauryn Hill Missy Elliot hybrid thing going on.”


Humbled and oh so focused, Lyric stays on her grind constantly, making sure she’s able to give the people what they want.  Just last week Lyric released her single “Gotcha” on soundcloud, which has everyone feeling that nostalgic 90’s flow and wanting that ole thing back.  The new single is reminiscent to early 2000’s Neptune’s hits in which she sings; “There aint nothing I won’t do, to show you that I’m all for you.”  Listening to this single is like a breathe of fresh air in a smoke infested music landscape these days.  Feel good R&B at its purest form.


When asked how do you describe your sound, Lyric replies without any hesitation, “My sound is feel good music that sings with the vibrations of the heart.” Nuff said! Keep an eye out for this one, big things coming!

Check her out @

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