You’ve graduated, now what’s next?

Alright, so if you haven’t noticed or you don’t follow me on social media, let me get you hip really quick.  I graduated college last Friday 2/17 with my Bachelors (Magna Cum Laude, not that that matters but I missed a lot of good parties for that honor!).  Now just a week later I’m wondering what’s next?  Yeah I have been blessed with a job and I’ve saved up some money to hold me just incase but I want more.

I remember moving to LA and every job I applied for wanted a Bachelor’s degree, now when I look at jobs online they want a bachelors with years of experience or they want you to intern (with no pay) in hopes of obtaining a full time position with the company.  Let me be real for a second, who the F* has time to work for free right out of college with a degree? Don’t they know that Nanvient (Sallie Mae) wants their coins within 6 months of graduation? I wonder if they know that we have bills and rent to pay? LA aint cheep!

I say all that to say this, make sure that resume is tight. If there is one thing I know, it’s how to build a resume! Strategically place those action words in there, words like; Championed, Culminated, Spearheaded, Orchestrated.  Make sure your resume tells a story, a short story! No one likes a long ass boring resume! One page is key.  You can always construct (<- Action word) a few different resumes if you’re a diverse type with different employment backgrounds.  Stay clear of repetitiveness, if you are a bomb ass salesman, why mention it again? Things to think about you feel me?

Remember, you have a degree now and what that really translates to is, you can negotiate your salaries and you have a right to be picky, just don’t be too picky! Good luck, its real out here!

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