My Friend the Trump Supporter

We really try to stay away from politics on this site but with all the craziness going on within this political climate we really didn’t have much of a choice.  There is obviously a problem here in the united states and I have to say that if my coin and job was set up right I would be living in Canada right now, real talk!  Since it’s a thing, and this man is now our president (whether we like it or not), I think we should speak about it.

Let’s briefly discuss the divide amongst people, more specifically amongst me and some of my friends here in LA.  Believe it or not there are sprinkles of Trump supports in LA, as crazy as that sounds and as Liberal as this city is portrayed, they are around and hiding mostly in secret.  I have (had) a female friend, born and raised in Texas.  One of those southern girls with a lot of charm and the type everyone goes for.  She was actually an awesome person and although we aren’t friends anymore, we are however still cool.  Now don’t get me wrong, we didn’t stop being friends because she’s a trump supporter but thats another story.  Now back in October I noticed she (lets call her Lisa for the sake of discussion) would post little subliminal messages on her social media about making America great again etc.  Now I’m the type of guy that won’t allow what people believe to affect our relationship so I ignored it.  However her attitude started to change and I even noticed a difference in our conversations and how she would engage with “others”.

I never knew her to be prejudice but with this whole Trump thing I noticed some changes in her.  The same changes that seemed to be going on across America.  This got me thinking; this can’t be a change, this must be who she really is.  In my mind I couldn’t think of any other reason why she would just switch up like that.  Weird right? Not really.  If there’s anything I have noticed from the whole Trump regime, it’s that he prides himself on the dividing of the American people.  He gets off on demeaning people and placing people in boxes.  “Lisa” was falling right into his political plan, the plan to divide and promote hate and prejudice.  I know when people read this they will talk about how biased this message is but if you are a genuine person who really cares about the equality of us and what America really stands for than you know how this feels.  I say this all the time, I am a card carrying, equal rights Liberal extremist.  I have and will always be.  I wish me and Lisa could still be friends and I won’t give up on her, however I can’t stand by or for anyone who promotes hate.  God Bless American man…

One thought on “My Friend the Trump Supporter

  1. I feel you 100% bro. I work with quite a few of these people. 2 in particular I’ve known for almost a decade. They’ve always been assholes but never to coworkers just management which is good when you’re in a union job. Since trump started his campaign these 2 have turned their views up a few notches and pointed their asshole talents towards their coworkers regardless of race. I liken my coworkers as the United Nations because of how diverse it is. Anyhow things have changed, less minorities gather around them to chit-chat, more gatheringso of their own kind. 1 of them looked me over the day after the election and told me I’m intimidated by him. What sucks is saying nothing, in the work place a complaint has to have some kind of proof and the only thing that can be proved is their assholes and that’s not a crime. I stay quiet for self preservation. Thanks for this blog, be well old friend.


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