Short Dude Problems

Now because this is ShortDudeBigCity and our founder/creative director is a “short dude” we wanted to take the time to run down a few issues that we know short men around the world can relate to.  By all means, feel free to add your thoughts and opinions (laughs) or whatever makes reading this post that much more interesting. These are a random collection of problems thrown together in no specific order to bring awareness to this growing epidemic so we can put a stop to it, or at least keep laughing lol.  Please enjoy!


I never understood why people think that their short joke is the first short joke you ever heard.  Most short jokes are typical, some will be funny and catch you off guard and in your feelings. If you’re anything like me, then you may get into your feelings and be forced to retaliate with a swift, yet severe comeback that usually has something to do with their mother. I kid, I kid, (not really) lol.

Being labeled as “cute”

This could possibly be a personal pet peeve but um, people tend to label me as cute and it bothers me.  I know it’s a compliment but hear me out.  If I was 6 feet anything with a Morris Chestnut type of body would you simply label me as cute? NO! You would be like ooooh, he’s sexy! But when you’re 5’5 130lbs, you are always the “lil cute one” (can you feel my frustration yet? lol). One fellow short dude once said, “puppies are cute, I’m a grown ass man!” Words to live by 🙂

Standing on your tippy-toes as a grown ass man (I shouldn’t have to elaborate, the shit sucks)

Highlander Complex

This maybe a new one to you non-short people but the shorties will understand.  When you’re in a room and you’re the shortest person in the room, then in comes another short person.  You both have secretly already sized each other up (in your heads) and even try to find ways to get near each other without looking obvious to see who is actually taller.  It’s a mental game of warfare between us short people. The taller opponent wins and the shorter opponent must either leave or do something funny or spectacular to stand out.  It’s sad but true, oh and God forbid another short person shows up! There can only be one!

Dancing with someone taller

In high school I dated a girl who was exactly my height.  However, when she wore heels like say, to the prom, you can imagine my night.  Here’s where the problem lies for us men when dancing with a taller female, when they back it up on us, they are backing it up on our chests! It looks wrong in so many ways and if you’re anything like me than you end up leaving with rug like burns on your chest due to the constant friction.  Not a good look!

Being mistaken for a kid

Mom-dukes once told me I should be thankful for having a youthful face and demeanor, so for that I say thanks.  Now, on the other hand, when you are in Target being carded for buying an R-rated DVD, I find that to be a problem!! Welcome to my life.




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