8 Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

If you’ve been a loyal follower of ShortDudeBigCity.com than you are familiar with one of our OG posts on social media.  Working in the social media and PR space I like to think I know a little about this sort of thing.  Friends here and there ask me about my strategy to gain so many friends and followers (genuinely) on Instagram and even with this website so I thought I’d make a post about it.  Hopefully this will help somebody somewhere, now this isn’t the “gospel” and may or may not work for everyone but it should help a little.

8. Death by hashtaginstagram-hashtag.png

Yes hashtags can gain your specific posts more exposure and likes but too many can come off really corny and desperate if you’re not careful.  Remember less is more.  Tip: Create one strong hashtag that communicates everything you want to say in one post.  You can also start building your brand (if thats what you’re into) based on that one hashtag

7. FaceBook is not for everything

I know you know those people, the ones that post every single thing that they do every day on FaceBook.  I wish I could say it was the older people doing it but its not, it’s just about everyone.  Kids, parents, cousin’s, aunts, uncles and grandparents.  So people just don’t know or they don’t get out much so Facebook is usually their only or main source for information and entertainment.  God help them!

6. Posting your boyfriend/girlfriend


After several conversations with several friends I come to find out this topic has no right answer.  Here’s my take on it.  I believe that unless it’s Snapchat (where the pics and vids disappear in a day) I’m not personally big on posting bae on any other social media platforms.  I’m private when it comes to who I’m dating and unless we are on the road to getting married I rather not open my relationship up to the world.  However, I know many of people who posts their boyfriends and girlfriends on social media more often than they change their underwear.  Serial social media monogamists is what I call them.  You know who they are, just go down your timeline and take note of all the couples posted and then check on those couples next month lol.

5. Gaining “real” followers 

We’ve all seen those Instagram accounts where people have over 30K plus followers but they only average about 50 – 80 likes on their posts.  Why do you think that is?  I’ll tell you! They buy them! Yeah, I don’t really considerate it cheating, I mean just look @ their likes.  You want real followers, be authentic, don’t follow IG trends, do post what people want you to post, post what you want to post.  Being a thot can always gain you a good bit of loyal “thirsty” followers but you have to live with your thottiness, especially when you go to apply for jobs in corporate America and they pull up your Instagram or Facebook.  Internet images last forever, just remember that…

4. Typical posesscreen-shot-2017-01-05-at-10-26-00-pm

Now I know most of us are guilty for what I’m about to talk about next but it still needs to be discussed.  The typical picture poses that everyone does oh so well. When a dude is fresh in a pic he will tend to look down as if he wasn’t aware the pic was being taken.  Oh and the other one, with the gnarly hand in your face pose.  Thats the pose where you extend your pointer finger and pinky finger while keeping both your middle and index fingers bent in towards your palm and then you put it up in your face as the pic is taken. Both poses are irritating, more so because everyone does them. Honorable mentions: the hair toss pose, middle finger up pose and the classic peace sign pose.

3. Gaining more followers in Twitter

So you know the part about hashtags being the death of you? Well for Twitter, if you want to gain genuine followers, the fastest way is to jump on whatever topics are trending on Twitter and use their hashtags.  You have to be on the cutting edge with your comments and humor or you will end up on the bleeding edge saying something someone else (who has gained hella likes) has already said.  Be funny and be original!

2. Be social!

It’s called social media for a reason.  Be social! talk and interact with your followers and friends.  Don’t just sit back and wait for likes to come in, engage in conversations, topics, post and like other posts.  Don’t be a social media snob!

1. Spread love and positivity 


Last but certainly not least, be positive! With all the negativity in this world if you just spread a little positivity it could possibly make someone’s day.  Remember people are watching you.






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