Relationships vs. Social Media: Part 2 What works & What doesn’t

Being that this was one of the most popular posts of our first year in existence, we decided to republish it for those who haven’t had a chance to laugh @ our funny yet honest take on social Media and Relationships. Please enjoy!


So you’re in a relationship and you don’t know how you both should approach your social media outlets?  You’ve been in past relationships that were somewhat ruined by social media or you allowed too many people into your relationship? Oh you’re a serial Facebook relationship type and now you want to approach the dating landscape a little different right? There are so many variables to dating in today’s social media saturated world.  Everyone wants to know everyone’s business and someone somewhere always wants what you got right?  After a long talk with a few friends in and out of relationships we put together a few (hopefully) helpful and funny tips to maintaining a relationship with that special someone in today’s harsh social media landscape.  You’re welcome! lol

The “Completely Open Method“, used by a large majority of people today this method has it’s ups and it’s downs solely…

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