Mom, I’m a Sneaker Head


I feel like this is going to turn into more of a confessional than an actual post but it’s something I’ve been dealing with since I was able to afford my own kicks.  Let me be clear about something, there’s a big difference between being a sneaker head and what they call a “hype beast.”  I’m finally owning it, for the longest time I didn’t consider myself a sneaker head because for one, I hate being labeled, two, I didn’t feel like I had enough sneakers to even fall in that category.  But umm, back to the hypebeast for a second, now for those of you who don’t know, a “hype beast” is a person who buys all the new hot shit (clothes and sneakers) simply because everyone else has it.  A hype beast I am not! I, however, am finally admitting to my problem (because thats the first step) I am a SNEAKERHEAD.  Saying it out loud doest feel as bad as I thought.  So check it, a “SneakerHead” buys only the new hot sneakers that he or she really likes.  We collect them and usually keep track of when the new releases are going to drop, we usually know the nicknames and styles of the sneaker and usually have a vast or semi vast collection with an insatiable taste for more.


To be honest, I only own a little under 60 pairs of shoes, so I consider myself a newbie in this thing.  However, I like what I like.  When I first moved to LA I was really on my Jays and Nike Foamposites.  I think it was the DC in me that made me want every single foamposite back then.  Moving to LA, I thought “by law” that I had to have a few Jays in my arsenal so I stacked up my Jordan game.  Now, in 2016 I am really big on Adidas everything.  I guess working for Adidas doesn’t help but I swear the brand is winning right now.  I have been on my NMD shoe game all year and it’s scary because just when I think I have the dopest NMD out, another pair drops and its like, damn I have to get those.  I said earlier that this would be more of a confessional and it is because I am telling you all that I have a problem! There’s no reason one person should have over 8 pair of the same sneaker in a different color.  I looked in my closet today and said to myself, you need Jesus.  Ya’ll keep praying for the kid as I continue to need Jesus, and peep my gram from time to time so you can see first hand how bad my new addiction really is!


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