The Dog walking introvert

So if you live in LA there’s a big chance that you probably have a dog.  I moved here with mine and coming from DC to LA I noticed a pretty significant difference between the dog walking culture in DC versus the culture here in LA.  In DC people are just nosey.  It’s usually your neighbors who you cross paths with and though you would think your interactions while walking your dogs would be about your dogs they never are.  The interactions are mostly about your personal life, or theirs.  Now here in LA its a bit different.  Believe it or not, dog walking in LA plays into the whole “LA networking” thing and suddenly without any warning you could possibly be on an interview.  No, seriously, anything from someone talking to you about your job, their job, where your from, to what meet-up groups you’re apart of. I mean the conversations tend to go in.

Now this usually posses a problem for me and there’s more than one reason why.  First, let me just say that I have a French Bulldog, (her name is Soshi, not important, well important but not for the sake of this discussion) if you are up on your dog culture, hell pop culture for that matter, than you know that French Bulldogs are like “THEE” dog right now. Now what I am about to say may be a little hard to believe but I am an introvert.  Not the kind that loves to brag about how introverted they are and all the dumb shit they love to do alone, no, I am a classic introvert.  I don’t mind going out and doing shit, I just can’t wait to get home and out of the public sometimes.  When you finally reach home from grueling days at work, the last thing you want to do is have 20 minute conversations with strangers about your dog and the mundane life you both live together.  Being that she is a Frenchie, I get stopped often.


Now I’m not trying to be a dick or anything, but I really hate long meaningless dog conversations with strangers.  I try to avoid other dog walkers and kids when walking.  Hell, it’s been times where I will run when I see them approaching and try to act like I’m that guy that jogs with my dog (true story).  Now don’t get me wrong, I love to meet new people, that’s the one thing I like about living here, but it’s those awkward moments where neither of you are really talking about anything, theres little to no eye contact and usually your dogs are snapping at each other or worse case scenario, leashes get tangled (the worst!). Oh and for the record my dog hates all dogs.  She’s a total bitch, I don’t know why or what goes on in her head but she can’t stand a living dog in any shape, size or color.  Playdates are like world war III, seriously. At the end of the day though, these odd and sometimes annoying interactions are what makes this city so great.  I’m going to work on my dog walking communication skills (if thats a thing) and try to get better.  Ya’ll pray for me and Soshi lmao!


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