The Day Kanye Broke

With everything going on in the world it shouldn’t be a surprise that one of my favorite people on earth would have a meltdown.  I hate to even call it that but that’s what the tabloids are going with.  If you know me than you know that Kanye West is the epitome of what I have always thought an artist should be.  He is cocky, outspoken, genius, artistically inclined, diabolical and somewhat of an enigma.  In my opinion this man single-handly changed the rap game and fashion game all at the same time.  He turned hip hop street fashion for young black americans into art during a time when all we knew was oversized jeans, AirForce 1’s and fitteds.  He spoke out against Hip Hop gay bashing during a time when no one else would even think of doing such a thing.  He pushed our minds beyond that of typical rapping over dope ass beats to singing and the blending of classical music and 808’s (Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy).  With all that this man has given us, I asked myself on the day that he had his “meltdown”, what have we given him?


I remember when he lost his mother, all I could think about was how fire that 808’s and Heartbreaks album was going to be.  In my mind I felt like (and still do) that an artist is most creative when they experience pain or loss.  How selfish of me to think this right? But do you remember Mary J. Blige’s “My Life”? How about Lauryn Hill’s “Miseducation”, see… exactly.  Looking back on that time period, do you think anyone truly came to his aid when his mother passed? Do you even think he would let anyone? He did what we all expected him to do and that is, keep working.  Now I know what you are thinking, do we have to blame this crisis on the loss of his mother some years ago? No, not really, but if you go back to Dave Chappelle’s interview on Inside The Actors Studio, he sheds some light on the mental status of the black celebrity.  When speaking about the entertainment industry and specifically Martin Lawrence, Mariah Care and his personal break down he says, “the worst thing to call someone is crazy, we’re not crazy, we are strong people, maybe it’s the environment that is a little sick.”


Now in no way am I excusing the rants about Yeezy wanting to vote for Trump or the talks about Bey and Jay-Z.  I do believe he has been pushed well beyond his creative mind since the day he hit the scene.  As much as we like to think our favorite celebrities are some sort of demigods that can only be struck down by kryptonite or an ancient spell, they are not.  They are regular human beings just like the rest of us.  What separates them from us is the huge magnifying glass we (society) have placed over them expecting some sort of different outcome than what it would be if we were placed in that situation.  Only Ye and God know’s what’s really going on with him and he must find peace with himself before he can ever find peace with us (the fans).  Real fans forgive.


“Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.”

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