What we’ve learned since living in LA..

December 11th marks my three year anniversary of moving to LA.  Man how time has flown by.  I was so green and so ready to make friends (I know, how thirsty was I right?), it was only the beginning.  I clearly had no idea what was really in store for me then.  Well in celebration of this semi-weird milestone we here at SDBC (ShortDudeBigCity) have decided to compile a few lessons learned since moving to LA, hope you enjoy.

No one cares where you’re from!

Sounds harsh I know but hear me out.  In this city, if I had to give a rough uneducated guess on the percentage of people who are not from here (especially those residing above the 10 freeway) I would say 70% of those residents are not originally from LA.  With that being said, we all moved here for some reason or another.  Most of us young people move here to work in the “industry”.  Anything from dancing, to acting, singing, rapping and all things entertainment.  One things for sure is that its all about what you do here.

In social settings people will ask you where you are from (which really doesn’t matter, its just an opener to the next question.) The next question and trust me it’s always the next question, is what do you do?  Now this question most times will determine if you are even worth talking to anymore, if this person now thinks you are the most interesting person in the room or if they are now in someway attracted to you and want to know more.  If you do something that is in no way remotely close to or cool enough for them you will be dismissed or they will dismiss themselves by finding a way out of the conversation.  On the other hand, if you work in the industry and you act or you’re a model, its on and popping! Be aware of the signs is all I’m saying, you will thank me later. :-). – SDBC

Stay in your lane!

One thing I’ve learned in LA is DON’T GET LOST IN THE SAUCE. LA is full of liars, scammers, cheats and whatever else – stay true to who you are and don’t feed into the hype. The Internet has made LA an overhyped place, and it’s easy to get involved in things that don’t pertain to you – celebrity isn’t for everybody. That being said, there IS a lane for everyone here, so as long as you don’t get lost in the LA Sauce, there’s hope for you to have an amazing, life changing experience here! – Erin Keels


Everyone wants to live here, not everyone can afford to be here.  Couch hopping is not uncommon here.  With the way most people’s rent is set up you’d be better off paying your mom’s mortgage back east.  There are some of us who have been blessed with good paying jobs that we love.  It’s the best feeling and there’s not much struggle there.  Then there are those who are still trying to find their way here.  Maybe they are new and haven’t yet got their feet planted on the ground or are just having a hard time making ends meet.  Whatever the case, LA is not cheap and if you’re not on top of your coins you may find yourself couch surfing at your bestie’s house, full-time Ubering or up on that LA shuffle (working no less than two jobs.) – SDBC

Read the signs bro!

Unless you’re a nuclear physicist or a genetic code analyst than you know how complicated the parking signs stacked over top of each other can be to understand.  There’s this joke between myself and the homies that if you park under several parking signs posted together and you come back to your car with no ticket than you’ve cracked the code.  Sad but true. –Anonymous

Newbies reading this, take notes, OG’s still trying to find a way, keep on keeping on, you’ll catch on soon enough and all those in-between, your welcome! lol

2 thoughts on “What we’ve learned since living in LA..

  1. Thanks for sharing this information. I said i want to retire in LA. I love to visit. Not sure if it’s the city for me to advance in seeing that I’m not part of the entertainment industry. Your comments confirm that I just need to retire there. Then I can enjoy the beach and not have to worry about the foolishness.

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