Camp Flog Gnaw, the recap

So this was my very first Flog Gnaw carnival and it was many things.  First I have to shout out Tyler The Creator (fellow Piscean) and the Odd Future crew for putting this whole thing together this year.  There was so much to do and so many moving parts it was bananas.  There was literally something for everyone there and people of all ages and races in attendance.


The event was held right on the grounds of USC at the legendary Exposition Park.  There were large fences put up around the whole park as barriers for those trying to sneak in.  There were two large ferris wheels and over 15 different carnival rides to choose from.  Each side of the camp hosted two performance stages for the concerts.  With line up posters and fliers handed out to patrons to keep you posted on where your favorite performers would be putting on their shows. The event was star studded with a host of celebs, tastemakers and influencers.


Some major highlights from day 1, Kehlani’s intimate yet lit performance.  Kaytranada and Tokimonsta’s electro-dance-hip hop fusion sets were off the chain.  DJ Mustard brought out G-Eazy and YG, Lil Wayne (who I boycotted for obvious reasons) brought Chris Brown out who danced his ass off and the highlight of my day 1, Chance the Rapper.  Honestly speaking and not in anyway to sound like I’m d*ck riding Chance but he had the best set the first day, fully energetic, kept the crowd engaged and even took us to church at the end.


Highlights of day 2 were even better.  The Queen herself, Ms. Erykah Badu bless the stage with a few hits, bouncing from DJing to harmonizing.  It was amazing.  The multitalented Anderson.Paak and the Free Nationals came through with that Malibu music and some smooth ass tunes that had everyone in the crowds dancing.  It was even better than day 1 if that was possible.


If I had to give a negative critique on the event the only thing I would say was a bummer was the fence jumping and random people busting through the weak ass security guards.  At one point the fence jumping got so bad it was like that scene from World War Z when the zombies pile up and over the walls in Isreal.  Like it legit got real for a while and security seemed like they were defeated.  I literally watched 3 people hop over the fences and a security guard said fuck it and threw his hands up.  That part sucked, especially when you were one of the people like me who spent damn near 200 coins to get tickets.  Overall it was a great time and definitely something I will do again!

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