Relationships vs. Social Media: Part 2 What works & What doesn’t

So you’re in a relationship and you don’t know how you both should approach your social media outlets?  You’ve been in past relationships that were somewhat ruined by social media or you allowed too many people into your relationship? Oh you’re a serial Facebook relationship type and now you want to approach the dating landscape a little different right? There are so many variables to dating in today’s social media saturated world.  Everyone wants to know everyone’s business and someone somewhere always wants what you got right?  After a long talk with a few friends in and out of relationships we put together a few (hopefully) helpful and funny tips to maintaining a relationship with that special someone in today’s harsh social media landscape.  You’re welcome! lol

The “Completely Open Method“, used by a large majority of people today this method has it’s ups and it’s downs solely depending on the couple.  This is where you both follow each other on all social media platforms, like each others posts, know all of the same people, keep no secrets, and even share some accounts.  Typically your mom and dad’s approach but this has also been adopted by some teens and young millennials.

  • Pros:  It can really work and be a good thing if you both are always completely open and honest with each other.  Good for those who really have a strong bound and even those non-traditional relationship types.
  • Cons: If one of the members of this union slides into someone else’s DMs, all hell will potentially break loose and it will all play out on social media for our viewing pleasure (see Relationships and Social Media part 1).

How about the “Friends with limitations Method“, one of the most common methods according to my research.  This is where both members of the relationship follow each other on most of your social media platforms but neither one of you troll each others pages because you just don’t have the time or really don’t care too much.  Sometimes it’s a matter of trust and you trust your mate and would hate to lead them to believe you don’t.  Usually for this type, you don’t take social media too serious or you at least want your friends to think you don’t.

  • Pros: This could possibly be the most sane, unbothered approach.  If you’re not the type to go looking for things you will always be fine.  Trust (as in all relationships) is key and you have nothing to worry about because you guys trust each other.
  • Cons: No trust, big problem.  You find yourself trolling the pages of the people who like your boo’s posts, asking mutual friends about said people, questioning your boo about posts and interactions on line, setting up alerts on your Instagram and Twitter to let you know every time your boo posts. This is the makings for a bad break up if you allow it to consume you.

Then there’s the “We Don’t Follow Each other Method“.  This method normally appeals to those who have been there and done that.  The fed up types, the IDGAF types and anyone who has beat someone’s ass or totally lost it invoking the power of Jean Grey’s Phoenix over their mate’s messy ways.  Not to say that you always have to be that type of person to utilize this way of being but I know I am! Most crazy people in relationships are aware of the triggers to “take them there”.  Social media trolls never help.  When you know you have a spouse in high demand (more than 1,000 followers on any platform) it tends to keep you on alert.  Because you know this about yourself you rather not know who your partner interacts with, what they do and who they know on social media (you don’t need those problems because you remember you’re crazy!) The first step is acknowledgment.

  • Pros: You will never know what is going down
  • Cons: You will never know what is going down

Honestly this is all in fun and in no way should it be used as the bible to how you should handle your relationships online.  We do what works for us and allows us to keep a piece of mind.  Anyone worth going crazy over is honestly not worth being with.  At the end of the day, as long as you have trust as the foundation of your relationships everything else will fall into place.  Just remember that your social media platforms are not your therapists!

2 thoughts on “Relationships vs. Social Media: Part 2 What works & What doesn’t

  1. This was a good read.

    I’m a believer in don’t follow each other because if you ar friends on social media then you may be tempted.

    Just like there is a work like balance, there must be a social media life balance. Almost to the point where people need to address their social media issues prior to the relationship. Because it’s going to come out.


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