10 Things you hate about LA

Yeah I know, I know, we all love LA right? If we didn’t we wouldn’t be here.  I know I really find it to be a true place I can call my home where there’s always something to do.  Being that I have only been here just shy of three years I realize there are a lot of things that I love about LA yet there are an equal amount of things that I really can’t stand about this city.  I talked to a few friends to see if they felt the same way and put together a list of things that irk us all.  If you can relate or even if you have a few things to add to the list feel free.  Here’s ShortDudeBigCity’s top 10 reasons to hate LA.

10. Whenever there’s something new or something that has caught the eye of the “cool kids” there’s bound to be a line.  I mean a dumb-stupid line! Take In-and Out for instance.  Yeah yeah, the natives swear this is the best fast-food restaurant in ever, but why the lines?? It’s just, wait you know what, we won’t get into it, I’m sure to expect hate mail if we dare go in on In-and-Out…. But yeah, lines! ugh! inand-out

09. At parties and some clubs its like pulling teeth to get people to dance.  Now I’m sure this is more of a pandemic seeing how no one really dances anywhere unless its to a ratchet catchy gimmicky song with it’s own dance i.e. “Nae Nae.” Seriously though folks, have we gotten that cool that we can’t even two step anymore?  Oh, and what’s with the twerking everytime you dance with the opposite sex? We love a good twerk session but remember when you used to face the person you was dancing with?

08. $200 plus table reservations at clubs and day parties?  WTF! Everyone isn’t a spoiled rich kid or a rapper just blowing money everyday.  People are in these streets grinding! Can a brotha get a student discount??

07. We need longer party hours! It’s a crime that last call is around 1:30 and clubs close at 2 AM.  This is one of the most popular cities in the world and we have a curfew! It just doesn’t make any sense.  Depending on where you are it takes at least an hour to get to the club.  Than an hour to get in, 30 minutes to get a drink and then its last call! WTF.

06. If you want to make dinner reservations for a popular restaurant you should call in like 2 years early! So serious, try calling around for a party of 4 on a Friday night anywhere in LA! Try it, I dare you!

05. We have got to do something about the homelessness! It’s unfortunate that we have such a large number of homeless people in LA.  Something has got to give seriously! Get them homes and get some of them help!

04. Just about every other street there’s construction.  Like no joke, I know lately Wilshire  is more like an off road, baja, monster truck obstical course but I mean damn, why all the other streets gotta be on meth too?  How do the people with the Lamborghinis do it?? How Sway?construction

03. Spending hundreds of dollars a month for parking throughout the city.  Man, what’s that all about? I swear it’s like you’re being punished for even having a car!

02. Speaking of cars, we have by far, one of the hardest driving tests in the country but it seems like no one knows how to drive! Have you driven ANY DAY in LA? You almost get into an accident every 20 minutes! God bless the Uber and Lyft drivers, they’re doing God’s work!

01. Dog shit! You’re playing with fire if you step onto any grassy areas in this whole city!dog-shit


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