Baddie Conversations: The F*ck Boy part 2 feat. Erin Keels

So. Having moved to LA from the South, I didn’t really know what to expect. When I tell you, I’ve encountered more fuck boys in LA than in my entire years on this earth; it’s unreal. From immature 30+ year olds, to hype beasts, to all around d-bags, it’s like LA has an abundance of all the wrong qualities in a guy. I understand that being educated (2x), pretty and black is (a little) intimidating, but damn, it’s starting to feel like there’s not a fish in the LA sea for me.

I have narrowed it down to two strong reasons as to why LA is full of these fuck boys. The first is the idea of “sections.” Clubs in LA are sectioned off, meaning that if you don’t have a section or a table, you’re likely the odd man out – at the very least don’t have anywhere to stand comfortably. The sections not only create a barrier between you and the group next to you, but between the men and women in the club – dudes can’t venture in, women don’t venture out. LA is all about a scene and being seen, therefore creating an environment in which men want to be approached, just like women want to be approached. Thus creating the fuck boy. If any effort has to be made on their part, it won’t happen because they don’t want to be “seen looking thirsty,” but if a woman approaches them, that girl is “doing too much.” [insert major eye roll here]

The second is that LA is simply not real life. By 28 or 29, most of the world is wifed and settled down – refer to my Facebook page for all of my high school friends that have children by age 23. Not to say that that path is for everyone – hell, marriage and commitment isn’t for everyone. But (honestly, truly) LA culture has created this environment in which it’s perfectly fine to “do you” and “find yourself” until your late 20s. Even at 28, it’s like you’re leaving the party early. Not that I’m out here trying to find the love of my life on the first date, but it’s like men run as far as they can from a woman that just wants to get to know them, for fear that they could be missing out on some “LA lifestyle.” If you can make it past 31 in LA as a man without getting wifed, it’s like you’ve lived your fullest, best (caucasian ass) life. Collect your money and pass go into the land of loveless LA, where most fuck boys end up. That is, until they wise up.

These both boil down to men not wanting to try – “women are easy and looking to settle down, yet there’s so much going on in LA, so why would I settle down? The party doesn’t stop until I want it to, even if the girl right in front of me has all of the qualities I need/want.” Now I can adapt, but I should play the game or keep getting played, right?

“LA is a waiting room, We’re all waiting for fame, or the perfect person to sweep us off our feet… In other cities, people are actually living their lives. If you want a real life, move to Seattle.” – Unknown 40-Something Guy. Erewhon. Beverly Blvd.

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