Baddie conversations: The F*ck Boy Feat. Dom Brown (@Dom_LA)

screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-1-13-31-amWe recently caught up with a friend and mentor of ShortDudeBigCity, the LA native fly girl and entrepreneur Dom Brown to talk about “Fuck Boys” and gain a woman’s perspective on the dating scene in LA.

SDBC: How do you deal with being a “baddie” and going out on a date with a dude and he doesn’t call back following the first date?

Dom: It could be a lack of chemistry I feel like.  You may not be attracted to him for real, or maybe he wasn’t really attracted to you.  Usually if theres no chemistry on the first date than you two may end up being cool or you just may never talk again.  Most times though I think it’s a chemistry thing.

SDBC: What’s the hardest part about dating in LA and knowing what you want as a woman?

Dom: I feel like it scares people when you know what you want.  If they ask what you want on the first date and you tell them while standing firm and confident with your answer, that can be scary to dudes.  When you know what you want a real dud will know like, “damn, she know what she want, I can’t really come @ her with no bullshit because she’s hip”.  Like a real dude isn’t going to waste his time if he doesn’t want what you want.

SDBC: So what makes a dude a “Fuck-boy”?

Dom: I think you’re more of a fuck boy if you know you don’t really want to deal with a girl and you deal with them anyway because you have that time to waste.  You’re a “fuck boy” if you waste my time and you know what the situation is.  Those types of dudes waste your time because they don’t have anything else to do– I have sh!* to do.

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