Ten things we’ve learned since voting in our first black president…

1. It doesn’t matter how great one is @ their job, if you’re black your congress won’t let you be great.

2. Black don’t crack, not even under pressure

3. Even the President’s kids act a damn fool when daddy’s not around

4. No ones safe! Fuck you ISIS!

5. When he does great, we say he could do better, when he falls short on something, we blame him for everything he didn’t do (Bush years).

6. Give people something for free and they will still complain (we see you ObamaCare).

7. Love Wins

8. Your mom gets excited for the State of the Union address like Denzel is coming over for dinner or something (or is it just my mom?).

9. The Whitehouse has hosted more black people than the Oscars.  IJS!

10. Black Lives Still Matter!

2 thoughts on “Ten things we’ve learned since voting in our first black president…

  1. I totally agree with you. It echoes the idea that Black people are not enough. Despite all the adversity that President Obama has experienced, I know that he has made numerous strides to move our country forward. He has not fixed every problem, but I can tell the difference that he has made.

    And I’m glad that you were able to point out the “black” achievements of President Obama. A lot of people forget that and only want to focus on him “not doing enough.”

    We are not getting our 40 arcs and a mule, but President Obama has definitely worked to get us more than we had.

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