Relationshit: Dating in LA, why everyone is single AF…

So check it out, I am in no way whatsoever a relationship expert.  I know very little about love and possibly even less about long-term relationships but what I do know about is dating in big cities, more specifically, dating in LA.  Yeah I’ve only been here for two months shy of three years but I promise I could teach a class on this subject.  I swear there’s a science to it.

Now, whether you’re gay or straight, man or woman, it pretty much all equates to the same story.  There’s two types of people when it comes to this dating thing.  There’s the people who know what they want and the people who don’t know what they want.  Now this all simply means that there are a whole bunch of people who have no fucking clue what they want, (some knowing less than others) but everyone manages by casually dating and sleeping around.  So I broke down my own hypothesis on why dating in LA can suck.

Theory 1:

Stating the stereotypical obvious, there are just way too many beautiful people in LA.  This gives the people you’re interested in way too many options to choose from.  Not to mention there’s always someone more attractive and thirstier than you, willing to chase that one that you’re not. IJS!

Theory 2:

Speaking of thirsties, (since ya’ll brought it up lol) there are those times when you meet someone really cool, there’s that mutual attraction and you both realize this could be something.  Then after just a week of dating, they start making demands.  They want to make it official, they want to change their Facebook status and post pictures of the both of you together on Instagram.  They start talking about introducing you to friends and double dating (elk!). They want to introduce you to people as their boyfriend/girlfriend, oh and they start throwing the “L” word around like its rice @ a wedding.  So what do you do? Runaway!

Theory 3: 

On the other hand, same scenario as the previous theory with roles reversed.  You both meet, everything is copacetic, lust and the feeling of infatuation has consumed you.  You remember how hard it is to date in LA and in the back of your mind you think to yourself, “OMG if this doesn’t work, there is nothing left in LA for me and I will be single forever.” Since you are oh so familiar with the single life struggle in LA, you hold on tightly to this new “victim” in your life that you scare them away.  So what you used the “L” word prematurely, you thought he/she was the one.  I mean its only been two weeks right, that’s justifiable, right? You say things to your friends like, “I mean, we spent like every day together, so thats why I fell in love so fast.” It’s not your fault though, you just recognized that you are living in a city full of quicksand and if you don’t grab on to a mate while you’re still above ground than you will die, we all have been here before.


You are only here for the sex, period! In this case a lot of times these people are either too blunt, not clear or females afraid of being judged.  The double standard really sucks for women ( a topic for another time, or maybe even a different blog).  The thing is, humans are sexual beings, (some more than others).  I feel like there’s a large percentage of people who want a real relationship then there’s an even larger percentage that just wants a “situationship”.  It is what it is.  There are quite a few other factors that support my hypothesis on dating in LA but we can chat about that another time.  In the meantime, we can just continue to be the beautiful lonely single people of Los Angeles.




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