Much respect!

Big ups and much respect to those who contributed to this site.  I must say I talked about it enough.  Thank you James, Tay, Jon, Nate, Dom, Erin, Jemma, Chardee, and Chuck for being some of the best friends a dude could have out here.  Thanks for the support and letting me know that shit will happen if I put in work!

Christine Chavez and my homie, photographer @Sorensicview, you guys are visionaries! Thank you for the vibes and helping me find my look for this site! See you next month!

To my cousins and my only family here in LA, thank you for putting up with me and my punctuality and lack there of lol.  Jendayi and Vince, love ya’ll, thank you for pumping my head up and making me believe I can do this lol.  I did it!

Big ups to the city of LA for having the kid! It’s only the beginning, keep watching!

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