The good old days of Instagram

Before Snapchat, before Vine, my number one favorite app was Instagram.  It was dope and right on time for a dude like myself.  The creatives, photographers, hipsters and artists could appreciate a platform such this.  It gave us a place to share our artistic sides without being judged negatively and allowed us to see photography in ways we never thought we could.  I really wasn’t into selfies, it wasn’t really a thing back then, and this was way before videos so all we could do was showcase our skills behind the camera.  I remember having a solid core group of followers who were just as creative as myself or more advanced.  They would like and even comment with messages like, “nice use of light”, “dope lines”, “yo your angles are fresh af!”. I don’t know about anyone else but those compliments fed my artistic ego.  I looked forward to taking pics daily just to out do the pic I posted before.

Although it was a free app, it felt exclusive in a sense.  The majority of the general public still wasn’t hip to it and most people just looked @ it like it was simply a photo editing app. It wasn’t long before it would actually catch on and man it caught on!  Over the first few months of Instagram, I started to notice a growing trend in “thotty”, or for a lack of a better word, provocative images on Instagram.  Little did I know that this would be the birth of the “Instagram Models” and their semi nudeness along with the birth of the “selfie nation”.  The creatives and the artists of the old IG were long gone, it was time for the full turn up on Instagram.  Now don’t get me wrong, there was a period during my introduction to the gym life where I switched it up and started to showcase my “fitness progress” if you will, but it was all still interpreted as “thotty” behavior.

A lot of people like to say that they noticed the shift from gated community to section 8 housing around the time that good people of Instagram made their app available to the android users. I honestly think this goes back just a few years before that moment.  You can’t blame the Android users man, you just can’t, they don’t know any better.  Just kidding, some of my best friends are Android users… Kidding! All in all, I just really miss the days when IG had boarders for their pictures, filters like Mayfair and Lo-Fi turned your pics into the hippest trip you’d ever seen, and there weren’t any annoying ass adds and trending memes.  I’m a firm believe in change being good and I can’t knock evolution but man, can it be that it was oh so simple then?

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