Lyft Line Conversations

Do you find yourself taking the Lyft or Ubering more? That’s usually the first question your driver asks you when you step into your ride with that complete stranger that you’ve basically handed him your life with the swipe of a button.  Dramatic? Yeah a tad bit, but when you think about it, we really do hop in these cars with total strangers and if you’re anything like me (meaning cheap), then you’re no stranger to Urber Pool or Lyft Line.  These are the cheaper option rides that permit that you may or may not be sharing your ride with another stranger headed to their destination.  I think it’s an awesome idea and I don’t usually trip unless we are going way out-of-the-way to drop the other passenger off.  Then again you get what you pay for right?  Well being that I am a super nice guy who clearly carries a sign on his head that screams, “please come talk to me”, I get to meet a lot of people in this means of travel.

So I thought it would be cool to create a weekly post about the conversations we have in these rides.  I know I have met some extremely interesting people on the Lyft and I’ve come out of my rides with some pretty crazy stories.  Please feel free to submit any stories you may have in regards to these types of rides.  You may email them or simply post them below.  The memorable ones will be archived and shared later for everyone’s enjoyment.  Please feel free to remain anonymous if you like.  I’m more than sure we are going to get some great feedback on this.

Here’s my most recent story:

On a short ride from downtown LA to Mid City, cruising Pico Blvd, Lyft driver and the first rider have already engaged in a deep conversation about substance abuse.

Other passenger: Do you smoke?

Me: not enough to say I’m a “smoker” but yeah

Other passenger: Good because we talking drugs in this car bro.

Lyft driver: What’s the hardest drugs you guys ever tried?

Me: I’ve done a pill or two years ago in my early twenties, I’m boring bro

Other passenger: Man everything, there really isn’t a drug I haven’t tried.

Driver: You ever done Meth?

Other Passenger: yeah man, meth is wild, you have to do meth @ home. It’s cool though but just be @ home! Shit and probably be with someone man, shit I almost jumped off the roof last time I had some.  It was some good shit bro, that’s how you know!

Me: **Blank stare**



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