Why this dude? Why Blog? Why bruh?

Sup cool world I’m Daebrian O’Berry, hailing from the east coast, more specifically PA born, DMV raised.  I’m currently doing my thing @ the Los Angeles Film School and working as a freelance publicist.  I moved to LA just short of three years ago and I’ve had my ups and downs.  I know what these LA streets are like, I know how politics play a role in you getting to that next level out here.  I’m living it just like you.  In a city where everyone is trying to be the next somebody, isn’t it refreshing to meet someone who’s not?  I created this blog for number of different reasons, one being that I’m a positively minded dude that believes there still a lot of good people out here. @the end of the day everyone just wants to make it.   Another reason I decided to create this blog is because I realize there is a gap out there amongst people like myself.  People who strive to create, live for the hustle, love to have a good time and just really want to enjoy life while they can.  That’s what this blog is all about.  Bringing those types of people together.  I’m just a regular dude out here just like the next man grinding and trying to make it.  Join me on this ride, I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Get ready for some thought provoking posts, informative messages, cool new spots to check out, influencers you need to get familiar with and just some dope ass times with me and my friends.  Feel free to check me out weekly, I’m going to make sure I put in work so that every-time you visit my blog you leave with something.  PEACE.

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