I wrote this on Facebook last month but with the recent death of Terrence Crutcher, I felt like it is just as relevant now as it was then.  Please read.  PEACE.

Last night I went to my lil burger spot on Pico Blvd, I walk in and its two white policemen waiting for their orders. I realize this is the first time I’ve been this close to any officers since they started this consistent “lynching spree”. See I live in the type of neighborhood that you only see them if there is a car accident or someone getting a ticket so I was on alert. A part of me said, what if you reach for your wallet to fast, will you die tonight? The other part of me said, I dare them to try me, my phone is fully charged! I was angry and ready for some reason. While all these emotions are going on in my mind, the one cop asks me “Is that a Rob Roskopp?” Keep in mind I’m triggered just because its late and we are the only people in there. I said yeah and turned back around. He was talking about my skateboard. Then he says, “man, can I try it out real quick?” I looked @ him for a second like is he trying to stir me up? Then I said yeah, he takes my board out front and skates up and down the street happy as hell. The other cop daps me up and said I just made their night. They were like little kids playing with a toy. All my defenses went down and all I could do is smile.

The point of this story is, just like many cops out there, I had hate in my heart for a group of people based on what some of them do. Much like the cops who have killed our brothers and sisters. I know they aren’t all bad but we all have to work together to change this growing stigma. #BlackLivesMatter #Still

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