Releases, Pop-Up shops, Launch Parties, here’s my problem…

As much as I love that I live in a city that hosts so many exclusive releases and launches I hate it just the same…

If you live in any major city in the US, shit in the world for that matter than you are really going to feel where I am coming from.  If you are up on style, trends, fashion and the influencers that turn these wheels then you get the frustration.  I don’t know about all of you but I’m normally like the second wave type of consumer.  Whenever the new iPhones drop I usually wait a good two months before jumping on board.  It’s not a bad idea to wait things like that out because you know there are plenty to go around and a constant restock.  However, when it comes to items like the new Yeezy Boost 350 v2 you know you have a slight chance in hell of copping them after the release date.  If you’re not a certified fanboy, on every blog, working every connection, and having that consistent plug then you will most likely be shit out of luck.

We live in a city where everyone is a sneaker-head, techie, or a rich kid able to get their hands on whatever daddy’s money can buy.  It’s so hard to compete with those types, they always know when and were the pop-up shops are, what time to log on to the sneaker sites and when to get ready for the next launch.  It’s not a bad thing actually.  If most of us had more time we could be up on it just like them.  The fact is, most of us don’t have the time.  We’re most likely @ work, in school, or busy trying to find a way to make it in this city.

Did you see those lines for Frank Ocean’s pop-up shop on Fairfax? How about the Life of Pablo pop-up just down the street from Frank’s the same day?  These lines are never just a mere 50 to 60 people.  These lines on average are close to 100 or more people and usually wrap around buildings and blocks.  Bro, I wish I was exaggerating but it’s so true.  I’m not bitter, not anymore lol..  After the previous release of Yeezys I told myself I would never get upset over a material item that I can’t cop.  I refuse to stand in a line of 100 people or more for something tangible that may not even be worth the wait.  It took a long time to get to that state of mind but it feels good now when I walk past those lines @ Supreme and Adidas knowing that it’s ok if I don’t have that item.


For those of you who are reading this and you still want to battle it out with the fanboys or you are an up and coming fanboy yourself here are a few tips to help you get that leg up on the competition.  First, if you’re reading this you are already one step ahead.  Read blogs, usually the bloggers have the plug and keep their ears to the streets so most times the “rumors” that something is releasing may actually have some truth to it.  Second, when it comes to sneaker releases, follow the brand on social media, especially Twitter.  Set your twitter alerts so you know everything that happens with the release in real-time.  Third, be available! If you are that set on copping the new Jays or NMDs you have to be freed up the moment they are releasing or you will most definitely miss out.  Lastly, have ride or die friends or a spouse.  Someone who knows the seriousness of a release, not that friend or girlfriend that has better things to do and could care less.  There may be days where you have to wake up @ three in the morning to stand in line and you need a wingman to take turns camping out with.  Hope these tips help, it’s really for those who really are about that life.  Good luck and don’t spaz out, it’s just material things. 🙂

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