Roommate Chronicles

Unless you’re balling on a budget, come from a well to do family or work like a slave out here in these streets than you probably have a roommate. There’s so many horror stories out there when it comes to roommates and here we will provide you with a platform to tell us all about them. I’m no stranger to the roommate life so I totally get it. Sometimes you meet people who turn out to be the best roommates, other times it turns out to be a nightmare, either way these are all learning lessons. Not all roommate situations are bad, some are good and some even strengthen the friendships. I’m sure there’s some sort of star alignment, unicorn dust or something mystical that plays a role in those type of instances but they are possible.

Roommate chronicles will be a monthly post dedicated to shedding light on those experiences, good and bad. These posts will give us a chance to vent, share helpful tips on how to be better roommates and also how to choose them. Please use these posts as tools to aid you in your never-ending quests to find peace and escapism in your shared homes.

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