Lifestyles of an LA transplant living the LA experience.


Welcome to my spot! What started out as a conversation with a bunch of my friends turned into this chill blog you’ve stumbled across. We originally wanted to create a site where the transplants living here in LA could come chat, politic and vibe out about similar issues and the new culture we find ourselves submerged in. Now almost a year in we’ve noticed that this blog is much bigger than LA and the transplants and natives that reside within it. This blog is about life and its told from the perspective of those of us living in it and struggling through it. ┬áThe good and bad times we have here in LA. The shitty relationships, the expensive ass rent, homelessness, friends, drama, fashion, sneaker culture, work, school, Hollywood and all the plastic shit in-between. Vibe with us, share your thoughts and perspectives, join the squad and stare your stories. We’ve created a place where you can come laugh, politic, gain incite and network with those who feel and go through the same realities of these LA (and big city) streets. Please enjoy, all positive vibes here.

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